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Privacy Policy

In the following I hope you will find easy to understand information about the privacy policy when using my website. I'm using techniques and methods for presenting a modern website, that are commonly used for providing web content.

Please let me know, If you find something incomprehensible or unclear. Therefore you can use the contact form.


Cookies are small files of text, which are saved in your internet browser. As an example those cookies are used to save your preferred settings to view the website. But cookies can also be used to measure your behavior when surfing through the world wide web. On my website cookies are only used to save some settings needed for presenting the content to you!

With a visit of my website there will be stored the following cookies in your browser:

  • DokuWiki: This cookie is mandatory for using my website. It is used to hold temporary data and to avoid CSRF attacks. This cookie will be deleted automatically when closing your internet browser.
  • cookielaw: This cookie stores your acceptance of using cookies on my website and has a lifetime of 10 years (in other words: after 10 years you will see again the question of accepting the usage of cookies).


When visiting my website, the server supplying the information will store the following data about you:

  • a link to the previously visited website (Referer)
  • the identification of your used brower

This information is necessary for legal reasons and to analyze and prevent abuse.

These data are not used for any other statistically evaluations!

Contact form

When using the contact form, it would be nice, if you tell me your real name. This will make the conversation a little bit easier, but it is not really necessary. In case you expect an answer, I need your email address, because otherwise it is impossible for me to communicate with you ;-)

If you give me your name or E-Mail address, I will use this personal data only for answering your concrete request. Your data will not be transmissioned to others or used for any other purpose.

Please keep in mind, that the completion and sending of the form will send an unencrypted E-Mail to me (this is comparable to a postcard, which can be read by all persons delivering the card).

If you want to send me an encrypted message, you will find all necessary informations in the imprint.

Last modified: 06.10.2019 10:28

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