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Please let me know, if there is something you don't like or if you have a question or if you have just a great idea or if there is something I can do better.

It would be nice, if you tell me your real name. This will make the conversation a little bit easier, but it is not really necessary. In case you expect an answer, I need your email address, because otherwise it is impossible for me to communicate with you ;-)

If you give me your name or E-Mail address, I will use this personal data only for answering your concrete request. Your data will not be transmissioned to others or used for any other purpose.

I V G W​ X

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please keep in mind, that the completion and sending of the form will send an unencrypted E-Mail to me (this is comparable to a postcard, which can be read by all persons delivering the card).

If you want to send me an encrypted message, you will find all necessary informations in the imprint.

Last modified: 16.07.2018 15:51

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